Northern Light

How to Northern Light

Our Northern Light editor is looking for back issues of the Northern Light.

  • All issues for the years of 1990 and 1991
  • Volume XI: Jan/Feb and March/April 1992
  • Volume XIII: Jan/ Feb, Sept/Oct, and Nov/Dec 1994
  • Volume XVI: Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec 1194
  • All issues for 1995
  • Volume XVI: Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec 1996
  • All issues for 1997

Add Flyer to Northern Light

How to put a Flyer in Our Northern Light

Bulk Rate Mailing

The Area35 Assembly no long maintains a Bulk Rate, Not For Profit, mail permit. We use an outside company to print, address, and mail our Northern Light. We do not have the ability to do bulk rate mailings. We still support including flyers with our Northern Light mailing. See “Adding flyer to the Northern Light”.